Do you know what your lost opportunity cost is?

What is your lost opportunity cost?

Often times people do not realize that they have lost opportunity costs, and when they do how do we fix it?

What makes me unique is that I am a Financial Coach.  I navigate through all of the financial decisions that you have made at this point in your life, ask you important questions about them and ultimate determine their efficiency.  It is my job to find inefficiencies in your finances, help you recover them and ultimately achieve a much higher rate of return on your overall wealth.


If you are trying to earn 10% on your savings of $10,000.00 in a years’ time, that would equal $1000.00.  Correct.

If I can help you save $10,000.00 in your overall expenses in your finances in a year, what would that do to your rate of return that year?  That would create a 100% rate of return.

On average I help identify $10-$30,000.00 (sometimes more or less) for my clients on an annual basis.  If I can help a client identify this type of cash flow, then I ask my client to save what I have shown them what is being lost on an annual by annual basis to what we call “Lost Opportunity Cost”.  A lost opportunity cost, is a dollar you lose to a financial institution that you can no longer get back nor can you earn the interest on that money.  You lose it forever.  This is a calculation that the average advisor overlooks, because they are focused on what rate of return they can get their client only.

I am an advocate of my client to identify as many holes in their bucket of money, stop them and keep as much money at the end of the day.

I am more than happy to meet with you to review  your situation and goals.  Our first meeting of 30 to 45 minutes will be complimentary.  We will discuss my coaching fee’s at that time and see if this is a good fit for you to move forward.  I assure you my fee’s are not shocking, but worth every penny!

I would also recommend that you refer to my website, Linked In page, and also our Face Book page if you search for Copia Wealth Management and Insurance Services.  I have been in the business for the last 14 and ½ years as an Insurance and Financial Advisor.


Elisabeth Dawson

elisabeth dawson


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